Thursday, January 1, 2009

A lifetime of achievements

Over a lifetime we’ll eat 4 head of cattle, 21 sheep, 15 pigs, 12000 chickens and 13,345 eggs. Sounds…little. National Geographic facts. The numbers are based on British statistics. Everyone knows Americans like things big and consume more of just about everything. Except culture. Hahahaha!

Let's continue

10,000 chocolate bars.

30,000 tablets (!)

A person from Northern Europe will consume 16,000 pints of milk. If someone from the Far East tried to drink this much milk it would cause explosive diarrhea. Go Europe!

NB: explosive diarrhea - A liquid defecation so forceful you have to hold onto the toilet seat to avoid liftoff.

From the urban dictionary

This will result in

3 tons of poop (Toilet rolls- 4239)

35,815 litres of gas (farting)

five buckets of vomit

We’ll shed 61.5 liters of tears

"We" will on average know 1700 people in our life and have sex some 4300 times - with 10 partners. So don’t fret about the number of native speakers.

The average Brit will own some 15 PCs.

"Making the average PC requires at least 240 kg of fossil fuels , along with 22 kg of assorted chemicals. Add to that 1.5 tonnes of water used in production, and your desktop system has used up the weight of a large car in materials before it even leaves the factory."

Brits will make 59 foreign holidays. Germans travel more but Brits are among the world's most active globetrotters.

Language- average vocabulary is 25,000 words, only 4% of the English Oxford Dictionary.

Brits speak on average 4,300 words a day, more for women, less for men. 123,205,740 words in a lifetime.

Television: 148 minutes a day, 900 hours a year, 2944 days in a lifetime.

The average Briton will read 533 books and 2,455 newspapers during their lifetime. This will consume some 24 trees.

Some 3% can't read in the U.K., 40% choose not to read, more households own two cars than two novels!

Brits read about 8 books per year. These figures vary.

One newspaper headline: “3 out of 4 Americans read books each year”
Another: “One in four Americans read no books last year”.

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Keith said...

"Television: 148 minutes a day, 900 hours a year, 2944 days in a lifetime."

If those 900 hours of television were in a foreign language... ;)

I hope I can more than double that figure this year. Perhaps I can. Perhaps I can. With my language acquisition device, it's well within my reach!