Wednesday, December 31, 2008


And... no more resolutions

Try to do something useful every day. Or don't. Relax. Or don't. Life is short.

Beyond this,

General goals for 2009 and beyond:

Maintain and improve Italian, French and German.

Spanish: from absolute beginner to intermediate
Russian: from beginner to intermediate
Japanese: Start with Pimsleur and/or vocabulearn? Postpone? I don't know.

Do some reading and serious audiobook listening

P.S. I just love the edit button.


frenkeld said...

What sort of "intermediate" for Spanish and Russian?

reineke said...

Generally speaking I should feel very comfortable with books and movies. Reading a book should be a pleasurable activity with little use of dictionary.

frenkeld said...

Gotcha - I tend to think of this level as "high intermediate", but that's just a qualified intermediate. :)