Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tackling Russian

During the weekend I've been looping two Russian movies and listening to Vocabulearn

I am learning vocabulary out of context, Sir Richard Burton way (or maybe better since he didn’t have an iPod). Then again he also had more gray matter under the hood... I am thinking of a strategy to tackle Japanese.

One of the movies is Skazka o poteryannom vremeni (The Tale of Time Lost) which is appropriate punishment for my laziness. I have only yesterday discovered that the DVD also has Russian subtitles, which is of great help.

I've also signed up for Steve Kaufman’s LingQ

It’s a sort of an online vocabulary learning application. The Russian section has some interesting audio stuff and I signed up for the free account so what the heck. I've listened to four fairy tales so far.

I am thinking of joining Moscowflix. They seem to have a few interesting Russian children’s movies and cartoons and things like Asterix and Howl’s Moving Castle but there’s no information about the language track. You see I’m awfully cheap. I do believe I’ll sign up for that or Russian once my Russian is at a level where I can quickly watch and flip movies back to the store. Right now playing the same old movies over and over again makes more cents.


snezhnost said...

If you watch some Russian movies, at least *I* would be very grateful if you would review them just a tiny bit, so that I know if it is worth the bother to try and track them down. I live in the not so very convenient Norway, and finding Russian movies here is not overwhelmingly easy ;)

reineke said...


I have several movies queued up and I have so far watched only a few old children's movies and several new releases including the fantasy "Night Watch". I also watched a crime series (Brigada). This one is apparently popular even outside Russia and "Night Watch" has a following although I didn't like it. Come to think of it, I've seen quite a lot already. I will remember to describe them in the future. The children's movies I've been watching are 60's Russian children's movies - with all that implies. However Skazka o poteryannom vremeni is entertaining, and not just in the retro sort of way if you can live wthout special effects that is. Liguistically (and otherwise) it's perfect for repeated viewing. It's a tale set in modern times and therefore a little different from traditional fairy tales featuring goblins, national heroes etc. Finding good Russian movies that one can watch repeatedly is sort of a challenge in the US unless you're a grim, brooding, intellectual type.

frenkeld said...

Someone I know liked this a lot:

frenkeld said...

It must be 7527 in the previous post.

reineke said...


Cool, Russian reality TV.

reineke said...

EDIT: I have decided against Moscowflix. At the moment they require users to file a police report and a lost mail report with USPS in case of a missing DVD. If not, they'll charge you $29.99 per DVD. The second broken DVD is, you guessed it, $29.99.