Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm alive

and still learning German. Or trying to. If I find the holy grail of language learning I'll let you know... I am occasionally drifting off/away into other things and languages. I have decided not to post too much crap er, interesting news items I find online. Anyone following (if you're still alive) is probably not hitting the refresh button every five minutes anyway :)

Ok, I have discovered German podcasts (where have I been?). I've been listening to a lot of that - (computers, cars, politics, you name it). I find it very useful. I'm mostly listening in the afternoon, while walking. During the day I can sneak some passive listening. Evenings are tough. I was bad during the last two-three weeks, very little done language or otherwise. I will try to remedy that. I am enthusiastic about the content. I have completely lost any desire to discuss language learning methodologies. I have not touched a language course or a grammar. Not asking for approval/disapproval here. I need to do some real reading. I did manage to listen through several audiobooks. I am not keeping track of what I do - it's a chore. On the other hand when I do it I do get motivated (I did all that?).